Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painted Edges

So this coming weekend, is kind of packed but I think I need to find some time to paint my door edges.  I've noticed a trend as of late and I think it adds and interesting component to a plain old door.  Remember, when I mentioned painting interior doors way back when?  Well  I've had a hard time making that leap...probably out of laziness truth be told.  But I think the painted door edge is a good way to get my toes wet in the door painting pool if you know what I mean.  Here's a few inspiration photos.

Pinned Image
Love the pop of orange and notice the painted legs on the chair?
Pinned Image
This one is my favorite, completely unexpected and a nice compliment to the brown and creams used in the bathroom and hall.

Pinned Image
The door color itself is awesome but the contract edging is what makes it.

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