Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So I put some stripes on my "hallway" walls and I like it a lot.  I started late on Sunday and put the painters tape in the appropriate positions (not easy without a level to use and a long weekend of too much fun under my belt).   I measured the wall height from the top of the floor moldings to the ceiling.  I knew I wanted wide stripes and wanted to maintain more of the lighter wall color ( i.e. have one more of the lighter stripe) so I took the height and then divided by 10 (5 stripes x 2).  I then measured starting from the top and marked my way down and then got to taping. 

I will say I am pretty pleased with the results, there are some spots I need to touch up because when you have old plaster walls you quickly find they are not perfectly flat... there is a lot of variation, but that's what you get when you live in an old house... lots of variation. :)

The blue tape in the middle is to ensure I didn't completely eff it up and paint the wrong stripe.  I would recommend it if anyone is thinking about doing this in their home. 

The picture isn't great lighting but you get the idea.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know, I know, I know... I have been seriously MIA and my apologies but when you live at the beach and it's summer time it seems like there is always a new visitor coming into town and plenty of fun things to do outside of the house.  So needless to say there haven't been many DIY projects lately but I've been thinking about adding some interest to a little "hallway" we have in our home.  I call it a "hallway" because  it's more of a square rather than the traditional rectangular shape.  I was thinking adding some fun horizontal stripes would be a quick, cheap way to mix things up a bit.  Here's a few inspiration pics to think on for a while.

I like the third stripe used with this one.

The metallic in the paint adds a different aspect to the look

The chevron pattern is great... maybe too trendy?

Very classic & neutral