Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chickens and such

Happy March folks, sorry I've been a little sporadic with the posts as of late.  I celebrated a birthday, and in my world that's a solid week of birthday festivities.  The weather has been a bit of a roller coaster here in NC and spring fever has officially set in.  We plan on getting some chickens once we can confirm that we are out of the risk of freezing and then start enjoying some fresh laid eggs.

Apparently, having a chicken coop  in your backyard is the "new big thing".  We will definitely have a small coop, and probably only 2 chickens but here's a few coops I've been eyeing.  Some of them are so fabulous I want to live in them.

I mean, I can't even believe the cute level that is going on right now.  It's like a fairy tale chicken coop.

chicken coop
I love this one, it's modern but rustic.

Chicken Coop
Again, how cute?  What chicken wouldn't want to shack up here?

Love the shutters and gravel walkway.

chicken coop cute.
Window boxes on a chicken coop, who'd a thunk it.

chicken coop
This reminds me of a retro camper and I love it.

Chicken coop
This one's pulling double duty as a coop and  herb garden...genious for small spaces.

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