Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lets get organized...shall we?

When you live in a small space with very little built in storage options being organized is key.  I am always looking for creative ways to store extra linens, books, kitchen utensil etc.  And with the fantastic world wide web there is plenty of inspiration and real world ideas that work great.  Here are few things we've done to help make our lives easier and less cluttered along with a  few inspiration ideas.

 Baskets are awesome, not only do they provide storage but they had texture to a space and come in a variety of shapes & sizes.

 This is one of the most affordable and functional storage options for your kitchen cutlery.  It keeps those knives within arms reach instead of rummaging through a draw and running the risk of accidentally stabbing yourself.(always a plus to avoid that)

Paul, did this and I have to say it's kind of genius.  It utilizes the space above the door in the bathroom that  would otherwise be of no functional use.  We keep the "fancy" towels and wash clothes in here.

spring rod for spray bottles
I mean how awesome, a simple and cheap spring rod adds function and creates extra usable space instead of having it cluttered with bottles.

towel bars as lid racks.
This is so smart, whoever thought of should win a prize of some sort.  It keeps those lids organized and utilized normally unused space.

Easy Cleanup
Nuff said, so convenient and organized.

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