Monday, February 20, 2012

Curb Appeal

Hello folks, long time no chat.  I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend.  Mine was pretty good, celebrated a birthday for a friend, took in a Punch Brothers concert and hung out with mi madre.  All and all, an ok weekend.  So needless to say nothing of interest was undertaken at the house, but I have been seriously contemplating how I can fancy up the front yard and add some curb appeal.  Here's a little looky lew at what I am thinking about for the front yard.

Awww...white picket fence ;)
This says cottage all over, love the picket fence and massive amounts of greenery with the brick walk way.  

great entry
Love the various types of mobile foliage and the pop of color in the rug and of course that door.

Curb Appeal 
Now, who couldn't love this.  It is so cute, it just says "come on in, enjoy my cute little home".

cute easy the cottage curb appeal, and of course the yellow door

Love the mix of modern fixtures and planters with the pop of yellow door paired with the traditional style architecture.

Love the yellow door and oversized house number, so adorable, great curb appeal.

Love, love, love this.  The bright yellow door, with graphic house number and simple planters on the front steps.

Curb appeal...white picket fence. Climbing greeners. Exploding hydrangeas. I'm home!

Very much a welcoming yard, the fence, greenery and flowers are all so beautiful and work wonderfully together.

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