Thursday, February 2, 2012

Color Pop

So I am definitely not one to shy away from using bold colors in my decor, after all I have a teal green pie safe and I will spray paint just about anything to get it to the perfect pop of color I currently desire.  There is a lot to be said for using one or two bold colors in design, especially against a neutral back drop.  These rooms below have that pop of color thanggg down pat. 

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Obviously, the bright orange table is the first thing that catches your eye.  Then after further viewing you take in the rich brown walls, beautiful rug and modern chairs with the traditional table design.

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The coral stools and various spots of red and turquoise in a mostly white kitchen stand out.

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The green credenza turned bar area works perfectly with the painted brick wall and shelving pulling in the colors of the lemon tree.

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The first thing I notice is the orange in the pillows and curtains, it works perfectly with the neutrals of the furniture (yes I consider pale blue a neutral). 

All images from various sites all found on pinterest.

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