Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bernardus Lodge

So my lazy level is at all time high this weekend.  It's cold and windy here and the thought of going outside to work on any projects is repulsive to me right now.  So instead of a proper diy post or before and after I thought I would share with you a little place we like to visit when we have the opportunity while in California.

On our most recent visit we were blessed enough to be able to go to Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley for massages at their spa and a wonderful al fresco meal.  If you ever have the chance to go....definitely GO.  The service is beyond excellent.  Everyone there is genuinely vested in ensuring their guests have a wonderful experience.  The food is phenomenal and the menu changes from day to day to guarantee the freshest ingredients are used.  They have their own vineyard and the wine is soooo good it's ridiculous. They offer tasting in their tasting room and I would highly recommend, their wine is so good we had a case shipped to us in NC.

Enjoy the beautiful pictures of Bernardus, hopefully if you are like me and trapped in doors, hiding from the cold this will be a nice little mental escape.  Enjoy :)

Bernardus Lodge

 Yes,  I like wine and cured meats....who doesn't? 
 Bocce Ball 

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