Sunday, January 29, 2012


So last weekend I posted a portion of my "to do" list and can happily say I completed everything on the list.  I told you about the coffee cake I made and now I' m here to show you the finished headboard.  It was very easy to make and I am completely satisfied with the finished product.  All I needed was a piece of plywood (cut to desired size at Lowe's, mine was 4 ft by 5ft), a couple of 2x4s, foam (i used 1 inch foam), batting, fabric, adhesive spray, staple gun with 1/2" staples, nuts & bolts.

I decided to construct mine using a white muslin for the fabric choice and make slipcover like items to allow me to rotate out the fabric of the headboard more easily and to be able to clean it as necessary.

Like I said, it's a fairly easy project and didn't take too long.  I sprayed the plywood with adhesive spray (note: make sure to use in a well ventilated place as to not kill your brain cells) and then apply the foam.  I then wrapped the batting around the foam and board and stapled to the back.  Then I wrapped that with the muslin and again stapled to the back.  Next, Paul drilled the 2x4s to the back of the board, ensuring it would align with the frame and then attached to the frame using some nuts & bolts. The fabric I used to slip cover the frame was actually a shower curtain from World Market.  It was the perfect size, 72x72, and was so much more affordable than going to a fabric store to get a printed fabric.  So, here she blows....

In other news, I desperately need to take a class on how to better take pictures. My skills are non-existent when it comes to photography.

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