Wednesday, December 28, 2011


OK, so is everyone on board with the resurgence of wallpaper?  Now just a back story for you, I actually walked out of a home when we were searching for one because the entire thing was covered in wallpaper.  Now, that's saying something because I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and work at turning something dated and past it's prime to something beautiful.  Let's not forgot there were squirrels living in my house before we bought it.  But wallpaper from top to bottom, left to right wasn't for me. 

Well, wallpaper has made a comeback and I'm liking what  I see.  It's much more graphic, modern and luxurious looking, and doesn't have to be used cover an entire room but can create an accent wall, back a book shelf  or put into a frame for some cheap art.  Here's a sample of what I saw that I am digging.  Now I just need to think of something I can wallpaper.



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