Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Decorating

This weekend I finally got around to putting up some holiday decorations.  We chose not to do a tree this year since our home is small and it's just the two of us so we opted out on the tree.  Nonetheless, I still wanted to "deck the halls" of our little casa. 

I love holiday decorations, but I am very particular about what it is that I do like.  For instance I have an affinity for white lights only and I like a little less traditional decorations in terms of colors.  Red and green aren't really for me.  I want the house to look festive but also be indicative of our personal style. 

I'm still not done yet but here is a little peek at what I've done so far.

 The wreath hanging from the curtain rod was an idea I originally got from an old Cottage Living Magazine holiday issue.  Ohhh how I miss that magazine.

It's not quite finished but it's coming together and it's definitely putting me in the holiday spirit.

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