Sunday, October 28, 2012

glass + wood = awesome sauce

So this weekend has been one spent indoors courtesy of this storm, you may of heard of her, Sandy.  Thankfully we just got some rain and wind, nothing major, just hoping and praying for my peeps that live in her path as of right now.  So any who, back to the post at hand.  I am loving the combo of wood and glass, its contemporary without being cold and it can be used in small doses, like kitchen canisters all the way to the design of a home.  Here's what I have been pinning...

 This ice bucket would be the star of a bar area.

 Love the simplicity of these kitchen canisters, would also be great as terrariums.
This staircase and gallery wall is awesome.

A more romantic, traditional take but would be great with some found brackets and made to fit glass.

I don't generally gravitate towards contemporary architecture but I love the openness and the different wood finishes.  A glass of red wine and you are golden.

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