Sunday, September 9, 2012

spots & polka dots

So, obviously you all know I have an obsession with stripes, as documented here & here.  But I am really digging on some dots as of late.They can be used a lot or a little and I love the unexpected, playfulness they can bring to a space.  What do you think about using some dots & spots in design?

This is an example of just a small dosage, but big impact.  Especially, paired with traditional  furniture, striped rug and I am loving the gold étagère.  

This bench is adorable and the link below has a tutorial on how Jenny recovered the bench seat.

You know I love a bar cart, and this is no exception.  So youthful and full of energy.

Love the mix of patterns and prints.

This office from Tiffany Richey (she styled the bar cart above) is awesome sauce.  I love the light fixture, artwork, table, chairs, etc....

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