Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Grouping like items is a great way to draw your eye to an area and create a focal point with a group of items rather than a stand alone item.  I love the way you can take an item that may never be noticed in a room and create a "moment" with a grouping of similar items.  It is one of the best ways to take the ordinary to extraordinary.  I think it's best to either maintain similarities in shape, style or color.  Here are a few collectible inspirations for you.  What do you think about collections, a hoarders dream come true or a great way to showcase your stuff?

I feel like the globes would be great for a child's room but also on a dining table if your home was a little bit more playful and casual.

So pretty with the different shapes and sizes. None of which are overpowering any of the others and look great against the antique mirror.

Now this a little bit of a pricey collection being as though they are Hermes scarves but I would probably frame mine over wearing it also...if I had one.

This is so cute and could easily be done with some Goodwill finds and some spray paint.

Love the ginger jars grouped together and obviously I love the blue & white.  

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