Monday, April 16, 2012


I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I was pretty lazy this weekend and didn't do any projects around the house.  I hope this weekend to get some things done and possibly work with a friend/client on her casa.  I will be sure to share.

So, a while back I posted about inexpensive wall art and part of the post was regarding the use of maps in design.  I now have a borderline obsession with finding a really cool old map to display.  Here's a few pics of pretty spaces that I found are chock full of inspiration.

Love the colors int this one.

maps, maps, maps
This is a unique take on the use of maps and gallery wall.  I love the multi-colored frames and the variety of styles.

maps maps maps
These are really graphic and pretty and I love how cohesive it is without being too structured.

LOVE this map within the gallery wall....
This one is probably my favorite, I love the saturated colors in the map and all of the really unique pieces sharing the wall.

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