Sunday, October 30, 2011

Can I interest you in a drink?

So there is a trend I have been noticing in decor magazine and across the world wide web and me likey what I see.  I don't know if it is because of the down economy, the popularity of Mad Men or if this country is just filled with a lot of drunks (probably a combo of all three) but bar carts and other such related items are huge right now. 

Instead of having an entire space dedicated to a bar (i.e. a basement bar with cheesy dogs playing poker "art" hanging on the walls)  these are little vignettes  carved out of a spot in a room dedicated to the "drink".  They are makeshift in sorts and take up very little space but offer up a lot of opportunity to demonstrate your personal style and entertain your guests.

Here's a little look see on what I have been eyeing:

When space is limited who says your bar area can't serve as a side table?

I love the creative use of materials in this little corner.

I love the mix of the old gold cart with the wall color and little bouqet of flowers.

Again a multi-purpose space serving as bar area and magazine shelf with stacks of the iconic yellow national geographics at the bottom.

The baskets and foliage add an organic element to the bar area.

I love the old furniture with the modern ghost chairs doing double duty of storage and extra seating as well.

The battered industrial style cart with modern geographical art is a great use of space and design.

And if you are completely awesome you get to have this in your house... I mean shut the front door.

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