Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Before &'s the fireplace!!!!!

Here it was the day we moved in, this picture isn't great but just to give you perspetive there was also very bad ceremic tile circa 1991 flanking it.  It stayed like this for awhile but after a couple of years with it this way it was time for a change.  The room is pretty dark due to many mature trees that surround our house and create A LOT of shade (sunshine is overrated!!!!!!)

Well I know we are very lucky to have a home with a fireplace (we may have used it twice so far...wooo hooo).  You don't need one much in the south.  So I pondered what changes I wanted to make, I considered painting it a really bold glossy color just to do something different but then I remembered that I live with my husband and he would have had an actual cow.

So I decided on the tried and true classic crisp white.  I sanded the entire thing and then put on a light primer.  Then came the paint.  I think it makes a huge difference in the room.  It really lightens things up if you know what I mean.    Paul surprised me and replaced the tile with a black slate that looks waaaaaayyyyyyyyy better.  So here she blows now:


Don't mind the discolored areas.... I must admit it still needs a light sanding and some more paint.  After painting it white some "impurities" appeared in the structure.  So I had to break out the trusty wood filler and that is the remeants of what you see.  But all in all I think its pretty good. And please don't mind the christmas ornaments in the plant, I didn't feel like putting them up after the holidays :) .  I think they had a nice suttle sparkle... fyi I am just making an excuse for myself.

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