Tuesday, May 7, 2013

birds of a feather

I have always had a particular fondness to "peacock" chairs and headboards.  Most recently, I spotted said mentioned chair on a front porch of a home I pass on my way to work, and think to myself, do people really use that chair, to they live there, would they sell it to me?  My aunt had one of these chairs when I was a little kid and I can vividly remember thinking it was so grand and unique.  I also, love the headboards, I am still kicking myself from not pulling over and purchasing one at a yard sale back home a few years ago.  Why didn't I you ask, because the old storage/space you only have two bedrooms and they both have perfectly fine beds issue.  Sometimes it is really difficult to be your own voice of reason.  Any who, enough about me, enjoy these pretty pics as I will until I have the space for one of these pieces in my life.

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