Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy Monday folks, it was a great warm weekend here and now we're back at it starting another work week.  I am really digging the sputnik light and and working to convince Paul to change out the light fixture in the dining room for a sputnik light.  Fingers crossed!!!  What do you think sputnik light, too mid-century trendy or classically retro?

Here's a few to think on...

 I love this pop of red in the neutral  room and the suzani bedspread is right up my alley.

I absolutely love this dining room, the rich neutrals, the mid-century furnishing mixed with the traditional built-ins and that art work is amaze balls.  

This one is a diy from Little Green Notebook.  She used an ikea chandelier and created this beauty. (link below)

What a fun way to introduce the playful vibe to home, sputnik in the entry.

This dining room is capital D-ramatic.  The rich colors and bold choice for wall covering works well in the space.

So fun and playful... nuff said.

I love how traditional this space is and that the light fixture is the show stopper.  Absolutely love.

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