Tuesday, April 26, 2011

coffee anyone?

So my love of the sweet little bean is pretty intense.  To say I have an addiction to coffee is an understatement.  My coworkers can definitely back me up on that...right Missy?

So anyway I was lucky enough to have a hook up at one of the local coffee shops who gave me a couple of the coffee bean bags.  I pondered what I could do with them and thought about making throw pillows, aprons, table runners etc but settled on framed art.  Not just because I am completely addicted but well I am broke and can't afford a massive piece of artwork for my expansive living room wall that was currently a literal blank slate and the bags are actually pretty colorful and graphic.

 I got to work and cut the fronts off of each of the bags and stretched it like no other around the backer board (sp?) that came with the frames.  FYI frames came from World Market.

So I broke out the guns, both literal aka the staple gun and the figurative my arms (ha ha) and got to work. They turned out great and the impurties in the stamped prints and the discrepencies with the burlap are more evident in the framing but I think it adds to the uniqueness of this art.  What do you think?

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